Batman #13 – The Joker is Back!

BM_Cv13_NYCC_VAR_cv1This has been building for over a year…..the return of Batman’s greatest nemesis …The Joker! We haven’t seen him since Detective Comics #1 over a year ago where his face was cut off. Well he’s back, and the hype was ‘dead’ on. I have my own personal reservations about DC’s New 52, but Batman is one title that has been universally praised and I can’t agree more. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo‘s run on Batman will be looked back upon as one of the greatest of all time, mark my words.

I have to give DC incredible props, the cover is awesome with Joker’s face/skin wrapped over the issue covering Batman’s face. One of the coolest looking covers ever made in my opinion. I can’t say enough about Scott Snyder, he is the new Geoff Johns of DC. His writing is so detailed, it pulls you into the book immediately. The twists and turns are fantastic and Greg Capullo’s new incarnation of the Joker is chilling. This is only the first chapter of “Death Of The Family” which runs through all the Bat books through December. This is honestly one of the best Batman issues I’ve read in my life, so if this is any indication, this crossover will be amazing.

The back-up story with art by Jock and co-written by James Tynion IV is also stunning with some of the best work of Jock’s career.

This book is going to be on FIRE, so I highly recommend reading it as its the opening salvo in the big Bat X-over of the fall/winter and you can’t go wrong with Scott Snyder leading the way. Highly Recommended. Download it on Comixology or using the DC app or better yet, goto your local comic store now!


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