The Dynamite Round-Up: After Earth – One Shot

AfterEarth01-Cov-CaleroDynamite Entertainment has been releasing a ton of press info over the past few weeks. Our Comichype Tumblr blog will tend to carry more industry news rather than posting that info on, so if you’re interested, be sure to keep an eye on our Tumblr posts and Twitter for the latest comic news from our partner publishers! When we learn it, you’ll know it.

Direct from Dynamite Entertainment: “The official prequel comic to the upcoming film, After Earth, starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith. Hundreds of years after humans fled Earth to escape its toxic atmosphere, the remaining survivors colonize a remote planet and begin to rebuild civilization – but the society they create suffers from deep divisions, with scientific innovators and spiritual leaders often at bitter odds. Even worse, humanity has come under assault by a mysterious alien species, and mankind must band together to protect their new homeworld. Written by Michael Jan Friedman and Robert Greenberger with artwork by Beni Lobel (G.I. Joe: Cobra, G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes).

This week, I’ve taken on a Dynamite Round-Up post as many of our bloggers are super busy right now and I spent some time reading and reviewing, After Earth Innocence, a one shot that will be released on Wednesday, October 17th. The story is a tie-in to an upcoming film directed by M. Night Shyamalan that stars Will and Jaden Smith as mentioned above. In doing some basic research I was able to find multiple blogs and sites with content surrounding the film so I’m not going to go into that here, instead I’ll do what we do best, review the book. Still, if you want more in-depth info, checkout this post.

*Minor Spoilers Ahead

The story takes place on Nova Prime, 966 years after humans left earth due to an excessive level of toxins and pollution (go figure). We learn that the Raige family has a military history, and we open up to an established father and son relationship as the father is giving the son, named Cypher, a history lesson before Dad goes off on an assignment. The history is the critical part to the tie-in, and like any sci-fi universe, it’s important to learn, in order to fully understand the plot and why things are the way they are. The book will tell you about the Savant and Primus people, their leaders, how war broke out, and explain Carter Raige’s involvement. I particularly noticed some well scripted panels that detail lighting and shadowing as they show Beni Lobel‘s pages as comfortable and intrinsic to earth in a way. Nova Prime comes alive on these pages as the ships, the people, the action, and the writing all flow into what ends up being a very good read. The writing and closeness or similarity communicated between one Raige generation to the next, was very well crafted and like any great fiction bit, the weight of the relationships or the drama in my mind, trumps the action and special effects. I have no idea how the movie will be, but as far as book prequels go, this one looks like a great setup. If you’ve already been reading about this film or even if you enjoy following space related science fiction adventure, then this book is for you. Look for it at your local comic store or buy it direct from

After Earth Innocence Teaser Image

After Earth Innocence Teaser – Art by Beni Lobel


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