The Walking Dead Season 3 – Episode 5 “Say The Word” Review

The Walking Dead Season 3 PosterWhat’s up Comichype fans!? I’m back this week with more Walking Dead goodness. Spoiler warning!  I am going to do my best not to use what is in the comics or what is in the show preview for next week. I will make comparisons to the comic but I will not spoil what might be coming our way on AMC.

This week’s Walking dead left off right where last week’s ended.  The baby crying, everyone who survived the latest onslaught standing around, and Rick realizing his wife is dead.  It then went in a different direction then a lot of episodes have gone. Rick didn’t get his act together or behave as the group leader we have come to expect.  He just stands there almost like he just got a concussion, noise in his ears, everything out of focus and snaps.  He goes back into the jail with an axe and cleans house on the walkers while trying to find Lori.  Oddly enough he finds Lori, still dead but alive, sticks his revolver into her mouth and pulls the trigger. He also stabs her in the stomach a bunch of times, not quite sure on that one.  I was half expecting their to be a second dead baby in there.

Daryl was the man once again. He and Maggie went to get the baby formula, he got the group dinner (yum opossum), and when he got back knew exactly how to cradle the baby in order to get it to eat. Not once during this time did he whine or cry about losing Carol.  With every week that goes by Daryl is just getting better and better.

Back in the village we see Andrea and Michonne go their separate ways.  Michonne leaves while Andrea stays but not before Michonne puts a sword to The Governor’s throat.  Andrea soon regrets staying though as she sees Merle and another guy fight hand to hand for entertainment while being surrounded by zombies.  It’s too bad she didn’t listen to Michonne because this is going to turn out really bad.

The episode ends with a phone ringing in the prison and Rick picking it up. Who do you think is on the other end?  How are the phones working?  Why was Carol not mentioned at all?  So does this mean Carl isn’t the psycho I said he was last week? Will Michonne come back for Andrea? This is turning out to be one incredible season.


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