Cyberforce #2: Robots, Epic Fights, & Socio-Political Commentary. I’m Sold.

Cyberforce #2 CoverOne of the most exciting comics this year, the re-imagining of Cyberforce, kicks into high gear with a blowout issue in Cyberforce #2 that is both shocking and smart for readers and fans alike.

The checkered past of Morgan Stryker… It isn’t a pretty picture as this man torn between morality and duty crosses a line that he vowed never to cross, altering his life and nightmares forever. His attempts to live a normal life? An exercise in futility. Friends? Nil. This is a man who is the new epitome of social alienation, and a fascinating character in his own right as a man who is trying to disguise his storied past with a life that is mundane. But for how long will he be able to hide behind this mask of lies?

Meanwhile, the shocking final page of last issue is played out in full, gory glory, as the underground group branded as “cyber terrorists” led by Robert Bearclaw are attacked by SHOC troopers in most brutal fashion. The outcome leaves him reeling, and seeking out help from the one man who could help… Morgan Stryker. And what about that mysterious Velocity and her sister who is hunting her down? It all plays out against the backdrop of a nefarious government scheme that has some really eerie overtones to our own natural reality, a powerful reflection of America’s own sociopolitical and geopolitical challenges and dangers. I can tell you that Cyberforce has some really unique and useful subtext that make it worth reading.

So, once again, the superstar team of Silvestri, Hawkins, Pham, Regla, Gho, Peteri, and Sejic have come up with exciting and relevant hard science fiction. The writing is well versed, the Silvestri designs and Pham artwork shine along with Gho’s drab and stark colors, making the world of Cyberforce seem both desolate and opulent at the same time.

Again, Cyberforce is an endeavor that was funded by Kickstarter, and is free on comiXology and also available at local comic shops in print. I suggest for the price of $0.00 you check it out and take a peek. But as I said before, monetary value does not measure what is contained in this engaging, powerful offering from Top Cow‘s superstar creators. Cyberforce delivers comic action and suspense so big, if you aren’t strapped into the seat, you may find yourself flying headfirst through the windshield.


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