Think Tank Volume 1: A Collected Work of Smart Comics and Then Some

Think Tank #3 Cover via Top Cow and Image ComicsThink Tank Volume 1, one of the most intelligent comics on the market today, hits stores with the force of a two ton nuclear blast this week!

If you have been reading comics, but reading them in a cave, and have not heard of a little book called Think Tank, you have missed out on a master stroke conducted by co-creator/writer Matt Hawkins and co-creator/artist Rahsan Ekedal that injects a measure of intelligence and social commentary in comics that is missing quite a bit in modern graphic fiction.

The is the story of brilliant scientist, David Loren, who is conscripted by the government to design only the finest weapons of war. Yet, what happens when the moral divide cracks, and David decides that making weapons is no longer his cup of tea? Think Tank becomes a technology driven stealth adventure, as taut and realistic as any thriller on T.V. Excellent story crafted by Matt Hawkins and beautiful black, white, and gray art work by Rahsan Ekedal only engender a feeling of excitement when reading, and it has been the most fun comic on the shelves when it comes to reality based and scientifically researched graphic fiction.

The first trade paperback features an introduction by Larry Marder, a complete cover gallery, and “Science Class”, and introspective look on a lot of scientific and military technology and terminology, as well as character dossiers. And don’t forget, the first four issues of this thrilling foray into both military and scientific dramatics!

Think Tank Volume One is on sale at Amazon for 9.49 (a great deal) and directly from Top Cow Productions, as well as at comic shops and on comiXology. I highly recommend you check it out, and cannot wait to get my copy in the mail! Reading this collected edition may leave you wanting that issue five sooner than you “Think”. As an added bonus, check out Top Cow’s Think Tank video below! Ready to order now? Please use our Amazon link as part of the proceeds goto supporting Thanks!


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