J. Michael Straczynski’s Protectors, Inc #3 Review

Protectors, Inc 3 CoverWhile the rest of his squad is out celebrating another member’s birthday, Detective Riley’s already substantial workload is made exponentially worse when the death of a Protector is dumped in his lap.  Responding to the scene, he finds the body of the Huntsman in a crater in the basement of an office building after it punched through the roof and every floor in between.  Due to the sensitive nature of the case it naturally gets fast-tracked through the system and Riley quickly finds himself at his strangest autopsy to date.  Not only is it the first time a Protector has died in the line of duty but all signs point to the death being a homicide.  How do you kill someone who can’t be killed?

Riley’s squadmate Tomas has gotten an ID on his floater found in Lake Michigan, she disappeared the night before from Manhattan, twelve hours from disappearance to discovery and all roads lead to someone with powers.  Riley heads from the coroner to the headquarters of Protectors, Inc to speak to the head of the company that handles all of the Protectors’ affairs.  If he was expecting to be met with support then he is sorely mistaken when the top dog predictably goes corporate and stonewalls him on almost every front.  His last hope is to speak to the last person to see the Huntsman alive which leaves him face to face with the Angel herself.

After sixty-plus years of no (publicly) evil super-powered citizens, the unthinkable may have finally happened as both Riley and Tomas’ cases certainly seem to share many common elements.  JMS is crafting another outside the box superhero story, made more relatable with his down-to-Earth and very likable Detective Riley, a perfect mix of knowledgable, no-nonsense and funny.  Protectors, Inc is shaping up to be another strong feather in the already impressive cap that is the new Joe’s Comics.

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