About Us

ch-logo-youtubeBeginning in the fall of 2011 on a self-hosted WordPress platform, Comichype began to take shape along side the launch of DC Comic’s New 52 release. In the first year Tom and Scott would add content, update the layout, and experiment with the blog. Once Mike, Bryan, and Bugz joined, the blog began to develop a personality and a following as we grew our connections and review capabilities. We began to partner with a number of comic publishers and with the addition of Chris, we added fuel to the fire. Both Mike and Chris have gone out of their way to show the public what they love about comics and why you should be reading and enjoying this medium. They are the heart of Comichype and the hype begins here!

If you would like to connect with or learn more about our authors we encourage you to follow us online via Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever. All we ask is, if you like what you read here, that you comment on our posts, share our articles with your friends and followers, and let our bloggers know that you appreciate their review or perspective. This site does occasionally utilize advertising by way of affiliate programs in an attempt to support our authors and to keep this site running strong. We greatly appreciate your support and hope you enjoy Comichype.com!


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